Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation refers to the warehouse with operations to be managed and controlled by systems with minimum handling operations.The warehouse is equipped with a variety of automated equipment, in order to achieve the following advantages:

Labor and land area saving

As the automated warehouse utilizes the control and management of the advanced systems, the production efficiency has been improved as a result, and lot of labor work is eliminated.

Rapid and accurate warehouse operations with reduced handling time

With the use of the advanced machines, the warehouse handling cycle could be greatly reduced, due to the uplift of operating speed and shorten in retrieval distance. In addition, the high accuracy in warehouse operation and efficient coordination with vendor and user would help shorten the circulation period in return.

Improvement of warehouse management standard

Computer-controlled warehouse management simplifies the complicated accounting transaction process, and allows the large-volume data to be saved in the systems, which enhance the analysis work behind.

Our Smart Automated Warehouse Solution has been awarded the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2018: Smart Mobility Grand Award and Smart Mobility (Smart Logistics) Gold Award.

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4 Signs a Company Needs Order Fulfillment Automation

1. Are you running out of space?
2. Are your labor costs and turnover high?
3. Is your company projecting future growth?
4. Are picking errors high?

“Goods-to-Person” Order Fulfillment Technology

• AutoStore
• Mini-load Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems
• Mobile Robotic Systems
• Drop-to-Light Systems

Benefits of “Goods-to-Person” Technology

• Ergonomics
• Productivity
• Space
• Security
• Scalability

Success Stories

DKSH Hong Kong
Smart Automated Warehouse Solution

Logistics Technology is at the heart of today’s extended global supply chain. BPS Global helps our clients’ businesses embracing Industry 4.0 with automated warehouse and logistics system to attain increased efficiency, reliability and responsiveness. We offer tailor-made solution for our clients with staged investment, flexibility and scalability for future expansion. Our all-round turnkey solution starting from professional business solution design and consultancy service, logistics automation consulting to first-class project execution and maintenance services.

BPS Global developed a smart automated warehouse in Hong Kong for DKSH, the leading Market Expansion Services provider in Asia. The facility performs secondary repacking, storage and distribution for pharmaceutical goods. The solution addresses DKSH’s challenges, including tight man power supply, increasingly stringent regulatory requirement and ever dynamic customer expectation in the market.

BPS Global tailor made a smart logistics system by integrating carousel storage, mobile robot technology, drop-to-light panel and conveying system for goods-to-person order fulfillment. Automation is a breakthrough in the relatively conservative pharmaceutical and health care logistics industry. Another key feature of the solution is its full compliance with the related GMP/GDP/WDL/CSV statutory requirement stipulated by Department of Health and World Health Organization.

This solution demonstrates that smart logistics automation is feasible in Hong Kong’s special environment, especially in traditional multi-storey industrial/warehouse buildings with comparatively low ceiling height and small compartmentation. Smart logistics automation does not only apply in purposely-built construction but also smartly affordable for SMEs in conventional buildings.

By adopting the modular system integration approach, clients can easily re-engineer the automation products they have invested in, having the devices fitted into their future business models or relocated to other sites, which is common in Hong Kong for its short lease period. BPS solutions have also been well-received in a variety of industries, such as e-commerce, mini-stores, freight forwarding, etc, with stories of success being created and expanded in various Asia Pacific countries.

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Warehouse Automation Success Stories

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