• Cubiscan 100/110

    The industry standard for mobile cubing and weighing applications

    The Cubiscan 100/110, an integrated cubing and weighing system, gives you total control in any distribution center or warehouse application. Imagine the benefits of collecting your package information (weight and size) quickly and consistently–there’s no need for second guessing, no room for human error, no reason to re-enter data, and no data corruption. And, the information is easily transferred to your data processing system where it can be used immediately.

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  • Cubiscan 125

    Designed specifically to measure and weigh small parts, irregular shaped and boxed items

    The Cubiscan 125 is a small static cubing system that uses a combination of sensing technologies to measure and weigh irregular-shaped parts and components as well as boxed items. Small parts and non-cuboidal items are measured with great precision using infrared sensing technology, while larger boxed items are measured with ultrasonic sensors.

    The Cubiscan 125 is commonly used to improve storage-space planning, carton size selection, repacking, check-weighing and shipment manifesting in medical, pharmaceutical, apparel, hardware, and consumer goods distribution. It has an integrated control panel/display, and outputs to a user-supplied PC. Capacity for boxes/cases is 24 x 30 x 36 inches with a resolution of 0.1 inches; irregular items are at 18 x 18 x 12 inches with a resolution of 0.05 inches. The 125 also includes an integrated, high-accuracy 50 x 0.005 lbs scale.

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  • Cubiscan 325

    CubiScan 325 is an advanced dimensioning system designed to accurately measure and weigh difficult, irregular-shaped items for distribution, warehouse fulfilment and on-demand box-making applications in all retail and wholesale distribution operations. The 325 integrates infrared sensing technology to measure small and large, odd-shaped objects, in one comprehensive cubing and weighing system.

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  • Cubiscan 150

    A versatile tool for today’s dimension and weight-based freight manifesting applications

    Quantronix proudly introduces the Cubiscan® 150 Manifesting Table: a versatile tool for today’s dimension and weight-based freight manifesting applications. Designed for use in distribution, direct fulfillment, and logistics environments, the 150 combines the attributes of flexibility, accuracy, and durability into one attractive and functional package.

    Cubiscan 150 is very durable. It can measure maximum 39 x 40 x 48 inch (100 x 100 x 120 cm) and 150 lbs. (70kg). The system is highly accurate too. The measurement is corrected to 0.1 inch (0.2 cm) and 0.05 lbs. (20g).

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  • 1200-AKL

    Our most robust yet flexible pallet dimensioning system

    The 1200-AKL is a large-scale static dimension scanning device that can work in conjunction with a heavy-capacity floor scale (or in a stand-alone position when weight is not required). Its overhead-mounted sensor configuration provides a comprehensive view of the freight measurement area while allowing access from any direction. In certain cases (depending on location and facility characteristics) it can be ceiling-mounted, providing unobstructed access for the user and protection against equipment damage. The powerful and accurate sensors measure freight in any orientation and of virtually any shape, color, or package material.

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  • Cubiscan In-motion

    A new generation, high speed in-motion dimensioning system

    It provides our customers a low-cost motion dimension resolution, which is particularly well-suited for high-speed distribution and sortation applications where efficiency and cost reduction are the primary

    The CubiScan In-motion with laser sensors is a new generation in-motion dimensioning system which can quickly be installed above the existing flat and powered conveyor belt, thus eliminating the need to breach a conveyor to “drop in” a cubing system. The CubiScan In-motion uses modular components allowing service to be simple, quick and inexpensive. Several versions (including custom configurations) are available for economical, high-precision and non-cuboidal applications.

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  • Cubiscan 25

    After the release of Cubiscan 125, Quantronix, a leading automatic measurement system company in the entire globe, is going to release Cubiscan 25 which is an automatic measurement device. It is one of the most advanced measurement systems because it accurately measures the length, width, height, weight and volume or irregular size and shape items. Then it directly input the data to computer systems so it replaces the manual data input and ensures the accuracy and completeness of the data.

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  • Cubiscan 75

    Overhead Parcel Dimensioning System

    With the new DIM-weight shipping regulations, we designed the new Cubiscan 75, a vital tool to quickly and accurately measure and weigh parcels to minimize daily shipping costs.

    The revolutionary Cubiscan 75 is an advanced overhead dimensioning device designed to quickly and accurately measure parcels in low to high volume shipping applications. The cost-effective Cubiscan 75 utilizes powerful 3-D cameras to create a flexible and economical dimensioning solution for today’s most demanding shipping environments.

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  • Cubiscan 225

    The Cubiscan 225 delivers a powerful dimensioning solution for challenging applications such as on-demand box making and measuring large odd shaped items and boxes for distribution, packaging and warehousing applications. The merger of conveyor-enhanced measurement with 21st century automation results in higher degrees of precision, reduced packaging and shipping expenses, economized use of storage and enhanced cartonization capabilities. In addition to financial advantages, the Cubiscan 225 benefits the environment by reducing packaging waste and minimizing transportation and fuel costs.

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