• Development of Logistics Industry in China

    Logistics costs in China are high when compared to global logistics. Integrated logistics concepts, such as supply chain management, are not widespread in China. Under this circumstance, when logistics industry is blooming in mainland China, everyone is seeking for professional logistics consultancy company.
    Since we stepped into mainland China in 1997, the proportion of business turnover in the mainland market to the global market has been increasing. Many companies showed their interest when our management teams shared their view on the development of Logistics Industry in China.   
  • Benefit of Outsourcing Logistics Management Tasks

    To make the best use of resources, some companies contracted their logistics management task to an outside professional service providers. The manufacturer of mobile phone being interviewed in this video clip invited BPS Global Group to design a logistic solution for them to outsource their in-house logistics warehouse. The management team in this mobile phone manufacturer believed that, they should put more focus on manufacturing in which they were specialized. That is the reason why they outsourced the logistics tasks……   
  • Concept of Fourth Party Logistics

    Whether from the perspective of production or logistics, at present, enterprises in China expresses a strong demand for management optimization and cost reduction. Since enterprises require specialized logistics services, so third-party logistics services came into being, but in fact still failed to meet the demand and it raised the prestige of the concept of Fourth Party Logistics.....   
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