Art Creation Activity to Enhance Teamwork
22 May 2021

BPS Global understands the importance of team spirit among employees, therefore we had arranged a polymer clay workshop on May 22. This activity is bound to bring the team together and help colleagues engage with one another from different departments.


To work successfully with polymer clay, we followed the certain step-by-step guidance by instructor, including the polymer clay pinching, painting, stamping names and so on. We work as a team to assist one another if some colleagues could not keep up the track.  It is an amazing way for employees to interact and strive for same goal.


Unity is the key to teamwork, we hope our employees encourage and support together to achieve the target. A solid team with fair performance will get better results than a split team with individual outstanding performance.

While working together on problem-solving tasks through this activity, we believe a level of respect is gained and the establishment of team spirit between colleagues will go to the next level!