BPS Global Webinar: Bring Smart Logistics Warehouse Management System to Cold Chain Operations
09 Jun 2021
WMS ppt cover-01

The cold chain refers to manage the desired low temperature of food, medicine and other perishable products in order to maintain good quality and safety from the production to packaging, storage, logistics and sales of the entire process. Results of a cold chain failure can be costly, and the quality of the product will be affected.


Therefore, BPS Global invites Mr. Joe Lam, the solution director of SMERP Group to introduce smart Warehouse Management System (WMS) on June 9. He shared how the WMS can help the cold chain industry to obtain the efficient operation, such as effective picking, sorting in cold room and so on.  Mr. Lam also showed us the demo video of the WMS to make us better understand what WMS is.


BPS Global hopes the audience enjoyed the webinar and understood the benefits of Warehouse Management System, and how to optimize operational processes for your business.


For webinar revision, please visit: https://youtu.be/7tWoBu8RKIs