The Grand Activation Ceremony of AMC
29 Apr 2022
AMC Grand Opening
AMC Grand Opening 1
AMC Grand Opening 2
AMC Grand Opening 3
The Grand Activation Ceremony of Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) in INNOPARK was held on the 22nd of April 2022. Automation and smart logistics are the 2 mainstreams of AMC operation with the ultimate goal of Innofacturing — innovative manufacturing. Guests at the launching ceremony included Mr. Alfred Sit, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, Mr. Sunny Chai, Chairman of HKSTP, Ms. Annie Choi, Permanent Secretary of Innovation and Technology Bureau, Ms. Rebecca Pun, Chief Executive Officer of Innovation and Technology, Mr. Albert Wong, Chief Executive Officer of HKSTP and Ir Dr. H.L. Yiu, Senior Director of Reindustrialization, HKSTP. AMC is an 8-storied building with a total internal floor area of 108,580 m2 and covers 2.7 hectares of land. Smart manufacturing is one of the cores of AMC and is the first manufacturing center in Asia that integrates automation, smart logistics solutions and cross-industries facilities.

This fully automated smart logistics center was designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by HKLTS and the logistics service collaborates with DB Schenker, providing IoT, development platform of Intelligent Sensors & Intelligent Electronic Devices, Intelligent System Warehouse for Shared Logistics Service, etc. Inside AMC, operations are completely handled by automation equipment, from receiving, put away, picking, to delivery, such as automatic pallet storage systems (AS/RS), four-way pallet shuttle carts, automatic carton picking robots, high-speed conveyor lines, automatic carton elevators, high-speed 4-way carton shuttle carts, automatic guided forklifts (AGF), etc. The total investment in logistics automation equipment and systems in this project exceeded 100 million HKD.

The grand activation ceremony of AMC signifies the giant leap for innovative technology development. INNOPARK is currently looking for a suitable location for AMC II. Food processing and health product enterprises would be the target business partners and we are also the consultant of AMC II.