BPS Global Undertakes Design & Construction of 150,000 Sq Ft Cold Storage Facility in Fanling
08 Feb 2024
BPS-Fanling Project

BPS Global Group has recently secured an important third-party logistics (3PL) project, tasked with designing and constructing a specialised cold storage warehouse in Fanling, Hong Kong.


Key Aspects of the Project:

  • Specialised Design: The project involves the development of a whole block of cold storage facility, covering 150,000 square feet, capable of maintaining temperatures as low as -18°C, primarily for food storage;
  • Regulatory Compliance: The warehouse will be certified with the necessary cold storage and food factory licenses to meet high-quality standards and regulatory compliance;
  • Sustainability Focus: Aiming for LEED and BEAM Plus certifications, the project highlights our commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible construction practices;
  • Construction Timeline: Set to be completed within six months, the project will demonstrate BPS Global's efficiency and quality in construction, leveraging our expertise and technology.


This project underscores BPS Global Group's capability to deliver complex, large-scale cold storage solutions, reinforcing our leadership in professional logistics infrastructure development.