Fostering Future Innovators: BPS Innovation Scholarships at HKU
21 Mar 2024

In a recent visit to the University of Hong Kong, BPSGlobal was thoroughly inspired by the drive and creativity of three PhD candidates from the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, each a nominee for the BPS Innovation Scholarships. Demonstrating exceptional projects and a commitment to innovation, these scholars are the embodiment of the forward-thinking spirit we champion.


BPS representatives also contributed to a Career Talk to more than 40 PhD, MSc and Degree students from the same department, imparting lessons from our professional journeys and insights into the evolving industry landscape and sharing valuable first-hand information about job opportunities and career prospects. The Career Talk also highlighted the importance of logistics activities and included the sharing of experiences and history of the BPS Global Group.


This engagement underscores our dedication to empowering the next generation of innovators and leaders. At the same time, the Career Talk created a platform for students to develop their knowledge and prepare for their future career paths according to their interests.