Introduction and Acquisition of Automated Medication Dispensing Machines by the Hospital Authority
03 May 2024

In response to the need for improved medication dispensing efficiency and safety, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority has been advancing its technological capabilities by integrating more automated systems and information technologies. These initiatives aim not only to reduce waiting times significantly for medication collection but also to minimise the potential for prescription or dispensing errors, thereby elevating the quality of patient care.


The Hospital Authority recently commissioned BPS Global Group to implement an innovative Vertical Carousel Storage Cabinet in pharmacies. This sophisticated equipment is part of the broader efforts to enhance pharmacy operations through advanced technology. Key features include:


  • Integration with the Pharmacy Management System (PMS) for real-time dispensed medication information updates
  • Automated transfer of medications to the dispensing staff via the Vertical Carousel Storage Rack, prompted by the system's updates
  • Intelligent guiding light for precise medication selection and quantity allocation
  • Versatile application across various pharmacy settings, including outpatient, emergency, inpatient, and hospital dispensing areas


The Vertical Carousel Storage Cabinet operates on four independent modules, each designed to streamline the dispensing staff's tasks by providing clear indications for medication retrieval, thereby improving operational efficiency and workflow. The system is equipped with robust software capabilities that enhance overall medications workflow management.


As Hong Kong’s healthcare system moves towards greater automation in medication dispensing, this technological shift has considerably reduced the workload associated with manual dispensing processes. It has cut down  patients’ waiting times and allowed  more effective staffing management within pharmacies, contributing to a more comprehensive and efficient service delivery to patients.