BPS Global Successfully Installs Advanced Intelligent Safe Deposit Box System for Storefriendly
05 May 2024

Recently, BPS Global had the honour of being commissioned by the Storefriendly Group to implement an industry-leading automated intelligent safe deposit box system at their warehouse centre in Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong. This innovative project, encompassing design and installation, provides continuous, year-round intelligent safe deposit box services to meet the escalating demand for high-end storage solutions as services provided by banks are on the decline.


Confronted with the significant challenge of limited space within the warehouse centre, BPS Global's engineering team devised an intricate construction plan to tackle the issue of fitting large-scale storage systems within confined areas. The team also took proactive steps by incorporating cutting-edge technology from a safe deposit box manufacturer renowned for decades of expertise, ensuring the new system met stringent banking standards.


The new system has been accredited with a certification for intelligent safe deposit boxes from Japan, achieving the highest level of protection available. To enhance security, the system includes bespoke entry smart cards and smart safe deposit box keys, along with a triple-layer access control system: 1) Intelligent facial recognition; 2) Dedicated smart card usage; and 3) Fingerprint vein identification for identity verification. All procedures, including the automated retrieval and re-depositing of safe deposit boxes, are managed by robots, improving efficiency while ensuring utmost confidentiality for users.


Moreover, every safe deposit box within the warehouse is equipped with an RFID sensing system. This system alerts the registered users via instant messaging whenever their boxes are accessed, bolstering security. The facility also incorporates fire safety measures to maintain optimal conditions for the storage of valuables, significantly reducing fire risks.


After three months of intensive construction, the BPS Global team successfully surmounted numerous challenges and delivered the automated safe deposit box system on schedule. The deployment of this system has markedly enhanced the service quality of the Storefriendly Group, providing users with an unparalleled experience and further solidifying BPS Global's leadership in the industry. Looking to the future, BPS Global will continue to innovate and lead technological advancements, offering safer and more convenient storage solutions to customers globally.


Click https://bit.ly/3JQ6Qod for video details.