BPS Global showed up at the 22nd China International Software Expo
29 Jun 2018

The 22nd China International Software EXPO was held successfully at the Beijing Exhibition Center during 29th June to 1st July. With "New Era, New Idea, New Software" as the theme, The 22nd China International Software EXPO included a 150 square meter "Hong Kong Exhibition Area" in order to help Hong Kong’s software and technology companies to find business opportunities in China through the exhibition.


BPS Global joined the exhibition and shared the Smart Automated Warehouse Solution and the Arena simulation software to the audience. BPS Global is an authorized Arena Simulation Software distributor for Hong Kong/ Macau /China. Arena is a powerful discrete event simulation software which enables our clients or consultants to simplify, streamline and standardize business process for best practice and evaluate potential alternatives to determine the best approach to optimize performance.


In addition, a welcoming dinner and visit to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology were arranged for exhibitors after the show. BPS Global had exchanged valuable software ideas with numerous industry elites, scholars, and business representatives, which was immensely beneficial for BPS Global. Our group is confident to branch out its business in China and develop innovative logistics software solution after attending this software Expo.