BPS Global Held A Team Building 2018 – Taipei, Macau and Phuket
30 Nov 2018

In November 2018, BPS Global colleagues were excited to participate in the group's team building. More than 60 colleagues from the group enjoyed their remarkable journey to Taipei, Macau and Phuket respectively, spending three days and two nights to enjoy an unforgettable and wonderful holiday.


The world-famous Yangmingshan sunset in Taipei, the figure-8 unique Ferris wheel in Macau hotel, and the water sports attraction in Phuket were highlights of their trips. In addition to visiting famous local attractions, shopping, tasting a variety of food, colleagues also actively participated in exciting team building activities, such as urban orientation. Colleagues not only got familiar with the local environment, understanding the traditional customs and culture, but also help boosting positive relationship between colleagues by spending a good quality time together, apart from daily busy and stressful work.


BPS Global organizes team buildings every year, enhancing colleagues’ sense of belonging to the company through a relaxed and enjoyable trip, promotes cohesiveness among each other, fosters a spirit of unity and enables colleagues to have a better productivity of work in the future.