BPS Global Team Building Activity 2019
05 Jan 2019

In order to strengthen the communications between various departments and to enhance team spirit, on 5 January, our company organized a day camp at the Jockey Club Outdoor Training Camp in Sai Kung with shuttle bus arrangement.


Colleagues from different departments formed groups to participate different games. The day camp started with an ice-breaking game and it was followed by the item valuation game. Our Group President, Vincent Cheung also played together with colleagues. Every team has high involvement to the games and responded enthusiastically. The room was filled with lots of laughter.


Followed by the intense field orienteering, each team required to complete the designated route according to the map instructions within a limited time. The aim was to find out the hidden icons along the route. Only the fastest team who collected the accurate icons could win. All teams strategically proceeded to the various attractions after discussion. This activity not only cultivated the ability of teamwork, but also promoted communications and trust between colleagues. During the game, everyone carefully searched for each attraction, fully demonstrating the spirit of mutual cooperation and unity.


After the field orienteering activity, we had a barbecue lunch and continued other games in the afternoon. Although a full day of team building activities had been practiced, everyone still in active mode. Colleagues are so excited and satisfied, they regarded the theme of the event was unique and meaningful, which promoted friendship and interaction between colleagues, and improved team spirit.