BPS Global X HABITŪ Latte Art Adventure - Express Our Appreciation to Clients
23 Nov 2019
Group photo

BPS Global and HABITŪ jointly presented an exclusive Latte Art Workshop on 23rd November 2019. We took the chance to thank our clients for their continuous support through the years by inviting them to participate this workshop. Under the guidance of professional coffee trainers, our clients experienced the coffee culture by tailor-making their own coffee with the unique design!


Coffee trainers dived into the details of producing perfect latte art from coffee machine operation, brewing skills, milking, milk pulling and production. The workshop focused on milk – specifically the perfect temperature and technique to recreate the photogenic patterns, helped our clients to discover new skills and widen their creativity.


The day was filled with warm atmosphere where our clients can communicate, discuss and share related experience directly with us. The event gave us the opportunity to network and ended with great success while every party showed enthusiasm. BPS Global was so pleased that our clients had an enjoyable moment. Hopefully there will be another chance to share more in the future.