Team Building Activity at Crossroads Foundation
10 May 2018

On the 10th May, BPS Global staffs participated in the Blind X-perience and AIDS X-perience team building activities in order to build team unity and promote communications between staffs.


In the scenario of Blind X-perience, our staffs were led through an African village, in total darkness, by guides who are themselves blind. Without sight, they learnt to navigate using only sound, touch and even scent. They experienced the creativity and extraordinary capabilities of the visually impaired through overcoming the challenges they faced. Then, in the AIDS X-perience, our staffs walked through the life of individuals who have come into contact with HIV/AIDS and, at the end, are ‘tested’ to see if they are positive. They lived, in a simulated way, the realities of diseases, war, violence, catastrophes, poverty, and even death.


The activity allowed our staffs to experience the daily lives of the visually impaired and HIV/AIDS patients, while improving the trust and interactions between our staffs. They regarded the activity as a unique and meaningful experience, which better their friendships, boosts positive attitude and eventually promoted the team building of BPS Global.