Hong Kong Green Day 2020
05 Jun 2020
Green Day1
Green Day2

BPS Global was delighted to participate the “Hong Kong Green Day” on 5 June 2020. Green Council has designated the United Nation’s World Environment Day as “Hong Kong Green Day“ to raise the public awareness and interest regarding the higher standard of environmental responsibility and protection. It has also become Hong Kong’s annual environmental event.


This event inspired our staff to wear and display green in their clothing and/or accessories to support of the theme. It is expected to establish and strengthen our staffs’ attitudes on the indivisible relationship between environmental protection, healthy and good quality lifestyles.


BPS Global pledges to make our best endeavours to create a green environment in office, actions include saving energy, conserving water, enhancing efficiency of resource use, implementing reuse & recycling and encouraging our staffs to live green. We are committed to spread the green messages to other organisations and the community, to promote sustainable development in Hong Kong.