Love in the time of the pandemic, BPS global cares for the community
27 Sep 2022
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BPS Global’s contribution to the community is recognised by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries and we are presented with the Caring Certificate (SME Group) this year. It is for the recognition of our significant efforts in corporate social responsibility and surely is an encouragement for us to continue our work in the community.



CSR Recognition Scheme Industry Cares has been organised by the FHKI committee since 2013 to encourage companies to repay society and implement corporate social responsibility. Companies with outstanding CSR performance would be recognised by this scheme and be brought together to generate more influence. The main theme of this year is “Walk through the pandemic with mutual inclusion and encouragement”. BPS Global has been a great support to the scheme since 2017 and been rewarded since then for our contribution to the community.



BPS Global has been serving our community and hoping to be an advocate of social service. We will continue our community service and caring for society. CSR is our priority.