Revitalization of Kwok Kee Group Centre: The Alchemy of Turning Gloomy Industrial Building into Gleaming Commercial Space


Revitalization of industrial building has become a controversial topic in recent years, more and more vacant and under-utilized industrial buildings have been converted into better use. The industrial buildings could fulfil the new market needs. The government of Hong Kong actively introduced a series of revitalization measures and extended the application deadline to March 31, 2016. Under the recent measures, old industrial buildings enjoy a striking popularity among property developers for its potential business. Massive shopping malls and office are popping up with a new boom.


With the growing trend of building revitalization and alteration, Kwok Kee Group planned to convert one of her old industrial buildings into a multifunctional complex, encompassing F&B, retail outlets and offices. Compared to brand new development, redevelopment of old industrial buildings can save a lot and enjoy a faster return on investment when the building has been delivered back to market.


Since 1992, BPS Global has been privileged to work on some of the most recognizable and high-profile commercial buildings and industrial projects in Hong Kong, China and Asia Pacific. We have earned recognition for undertaking large and complex projects. The perfect design and planning, accurate execution and effective management of different engineering projects rely on specialized expert knowledge. Led by an experienced senior management team with the conservation expert in revitalization projects, BPS Global provides the best services with its professional knowledge and comprehensive services specializing in construction of commercial & industrial buildings.


 Revitalization project of How Ming Street is an alteration and addition (A&A) works. After a thorough discussion with the client, BPS global has formulated a tailor-made alteration solution to rebrand the building into a modern multifunctional complex. A&A works were focused on the re-design and planning for interior and external façade to give a whole new image. The old windows and facades were revitalized by a “window wall” system to allow better visibility and a brighter ambiance on the interior. Additionally, billboards and outdoor wall lights were selected to create a more contemporary aesthetic. The refurbished building with a completely new look will surely lead to increasing footfall, and bring multiple benefits to the developer.


At the same time, BPS Global established a well reputation on our outstanding quality of work; we strictly and meticulously ensure each Building Department (BD) submission is on progress during implementation of project. To avoid the occurrence of any potential risks and maximize safety, we conduct regular risk assessments, safety walks and meetings. We keep strict vigil and reinforce the fire safety system and security system with an aim to ensure our valued client’s satisfaction with our performance.

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