Conceptual Design on the South China Air Express Transportation Hub of SF Express


SF Express, founded in 1993, mainly engages in domestic and international express delivery and provides clients with rapid, accurate, safe courier service in professional manner. After over ten years of development, SF Express has become a leading and the most competitive national courier service provider. In early 2009, SF Express already has more than 58,000 employees and around 4,000 operation vehicles. There are total 39 branch offices with 2,500 network nodes, serving network which covers 32 provinces, municipalities, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and 186 cities in China. Moreover, 8 dedicated cargo planes with 24 flights per day are currently used in the distribution network. The company’s throughput volume in Shenzhen Airport reaches more than 300 tons per day. The operating income in 2008 is approximately $6.2 billion and the annual growth rate in recent year is about 50%.

The South China air express transportation hub is regarded as the core part of long-term strategic planning of SF Express. The company has already acquired 73,000 square meters of land to establish a logistics hub and plan to operate in mid of 2012. As the current transportation hub is unable to cope with the needs of five-year air cargo volume, there is urgent need to develop the South China air express hub in order to meet the growing demand of air-cargo delivery.


Project Summary

As the logistics consultant of this project, BPS helped SF Express to optimize the operation flow with considering macro-market conditions, operating capacity estimation, end-user requirements and site constraints. BPS also determined development strategy and market position, and set the goals, designed principals, development direction and functional requirement for SF Express.


Investment Term

  • Conceptual design of South China air express transportation hub
  • Construction design of South China air express transportation hub
  • Perform sensitivity analysis to evaluate the elasticity of each solution

Project Details


Scope of Work

  • Solution Design & Consultancy
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Logistics Park Master Planning



  • Hong Kong