BPS Global Engaged for Hangzhou Airport Smart Logistics Park

BPS Global is engaged to be the consultant for this large-scale project, focusing on strategic development, conceptual and functional design, marketing study and risk analysis. The state-of-the-art Hangzhou Airport Smart Logistics Park near the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport occupies 297 acres of land and a building area of ​​approximately 500,000 square meters. With investments of over billions RMB, the smart logistics network comprises of logistics, big data, e-commerce, e-finance and cross-border trading facilitation.


BPS team conducted detailed field study in Hangzhou on the air cargo market in East China, and associated marketing and development opportunities. In line with our client's high-end positioning of the project, we have strategically tailor-made divergent solutions at each phase of the project, employing the latest business models and innovative thinking.  This will assist our client in formulation of long-term plans and promotion of sustainable development of the enterprise through competitiveness enhancement.  BPS Global conducted detailed analysis on the status, resources, and merit of the project, evaluated investment expectations of our client in accordance with its core business values.  Understanding our client’s development needs and business opportunities, recommendations were made on not only the best logistics solutions, long-term and sustainable development of the enterprise and the market were covered as well.


BPS Global has rich resources and solid logistics operation expertise to help all types of clients from commercial enterprises, manufacturing companies to investment funds for their logistics park project planning, design, construction and operations management consultancy services. BPS supports clients by making use of modern logistics concepts, technologies and experience to plan and manage the logistics projects or to improve supply chain management performance.

Project Details


Scope of Work

  • Solution Design & Consultancy
  • Logistics Park Master Planning



  • China