A Commencement Ceremony for HK Electric Automation Project by BPS Global

BPS Global is proud to award a contract for design and build of the Elevating Transfer Vehicle Storage System (ETVSS) to HK Electric. A commencement ceremony was held at the Electric Tower in Ap Lei Chau on April 27. The construction will begin at the Heavy Cable Store 1 warehouse and expect to be completed at the end of this year.


The project aims to maximize 4-level storage space for cable drums by implementing the Elevating Transfer Vehicle Storage System (ETVSS). ETVSS can also minimize manual operation and maintain a reliable, safe and ergonomic warehouse operation.


BPS Global is honoured to participate in this HK Electric project , we will ensure the project to be delivered with the highest quality standard and within the target time frame through our professional expertise.

Project Details 


Scope of Work

  • Logistics Automation



  • Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong