The goal of warehouse layout design is to find the best layout for different parts in a warehouse like areas for storage, cross-dock, marshalling, etc. These are contingent on the building plan, storage requirement, and the specifications of material handling equipment, etc.


BPS Global develops solution designs positioned for growth and success through a comprehensive project process that includes consulting, data analysis, concept study, and detailed planning. We provide plant layout & design services, logistics equipment planning services as well as productivity improvement consulting services for clients' warehouse transformation.


Plant Layout & Design


A realistic and practical workflow design can greatly improve the warehouse operational performance; hence clients can enjoy benefits in maximized efficiency while saving the logistics costs in delivery and storage. Following careful analysis and consulting around clients’  specific needs, BPS Global design customized solutions and lay out all the options in a concept study to make choosing the best solution a simple task. Though detailed planning process, we get a full picture of the solution right from the early stage, making sure the clients get the most from their investment.


Logistics Equipment Planning


BPS Global provides logistics equipment planning advice for clients determining the precise equipment for warehouse operation. We facilitate the evaluation, selection and acquisition of appropriate technology and equipment, budgetary analysis what will best serve them now and in the future. We take the time to understand clients’ unique business needs, to provide a completely customized and scalable solutions to accommodate their specific warehouse implementation and modernization needs. These future-oriented solutions not only deliver added value, but also allow them to stay ahead of the competitors.


Manpower Scheduling


BPS Global acknowledges that optimizing human capital can have a significant impact on the bottom line of operation. And it’s not only improving the efficiency and saving labor cost, but also long term effects of a happier workforce.


BPS provides manpower scheduling and optimization consulting service integrates planning and scheduling processes for supply chain management. Our clients gain full visibility and control over the entire workforce process – from long-range capacity planning to daily task scheduling and real-time rescheduling. We give our clients with planning insights that drive performance in the direction of the business goals.