BPS Global specializes in all types of fitting out works, such as finishing, painting, and partition works for office, shopping mall and warehouse renovation. With rich engineering knowledge, our group offers professional services including feasibility study, design, project management & supervision for all types of interior renovation projects. Feasibility study helps clients to explore potential of projects. Our design abilities help clients to see surprising opportunities. Project management eases clients from liaising with different parties. Supervision achieves quality works be achieved.


  • Fitting Out Office and Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Malls Upgrade
  • Warehouse Renovation
  • Office Renovation


Fitting Out Office and Commercial Buildings

BPS understands that an office is important as a place to facilitate decision making. An ideal working area that can boost both productivity and efficiency among employees should be a comfortable work place equipped with sufficient lighting and air-conditioning system.


Our group offers clients with workplace strategy advisory services that deliver not merely space efficiency and associated interior re-design. The study and proposals also integrates with customised smart technology, as well as enhancement proposals to operational and facility management processes.


We believe the future workplace trend is not just a defined space, but a combination of physical and virtual facilities that allow people to collaborate and interact in a variety of ways. Therefore, BPS provides wellness consulting advice in which health and wellbeing features of the built environment are taken into account in our customised solution design.


Shopping Malls Upgrade

To improve rental rates and enhance the property value, property refurbishment is essential. BPS Global Group has completed numbers of projects for shopping malls upgrade. After the renovation, shopping malls were repositioned in the market with its greatly enhanced competitiveness.


With our effective coordination throughout the project period, negative impact to existing tenants are minimized.  Some of our clients’ shopping malls reached 100% occupancy after completion of the projects. Shops are occupied by different tenants with various business natures. The makeover successfully stimulated more business activities and consumer spending in the mall.


Warehouse Renovation

Facing up to the problem of property decay, more and more landlords are adopting proactive approaches in refurbishing their warehouses. Using our extensive experience in delivering complete warehouse fit outs, we will take the warehouse storage or interior design project from initial conception to completion.


After discussing with our clients about their warehouse fit-out needs and gaining an understanding of their business, we will produce a warehouse space plan to determine the most effective storage solution for the warehouse.


We design, supply and install every facet of warehouse storage from mobile racking, selective racking, pallet shuttle and drive-in racking to AS/RS solutions and mezzanine floors. Whatever your storage requirements are, we can customise a solution that meets and exceeds your warehouse requirements.