BPS Global is an authorized Arena Simulation Software distributor for Hong Kong/ Macau /China. Arena is a powerful discrete event simulation software which enables our clients or consultants to simplify, streamline and standardize business process for best practice and evaluate potential alternatives to determine the best approach to optimize performance. In addition, we can offer software training to clients who would like to maximize the benefits of using Arena.


With the Arena simulation software, complex process flows in companies and organizations can be illustrated and visualized in a clear and effective way. The primary goal is to analyze planning alternatives in a risk-free and cost-effectively simulation environment, and secondly also to realize online decision support for running different simulated processes. As a decision maker, you will be able to increase your performance returns, effectively plan your resources, and present the impact of different scenarios in a transparent and timely manner.


By simulating the logistics, transportation or manufacturing systems, our clients can demonstrate, predict, and measure system strategies for effective, efficient and optimized performance before implementation, discover the causes of bottlenecks, evaluate the outcomes with its corresponding impacts to increase the feasibility of plans and lower the investment cost and risk. Clients can better understand the system performance in terms of costs, throughput, cycle times, equipment utilization and resource availability. With further analysis of the data, clients are able to make the right decisions to solve business challenges in a fast and cost-effective manner, with risk and uncertainty minimized.


The scope of services of the Arena simulation software includes, among others:


  • Extensive library of predefined building blocks
  • Flow logic does not have to be programmed, but is graphically defined in the form of a flowchart
  • Direct access to the simulation language is possible at any time
  • Input Analyzer - automatic distribution of input data
  • Realistic 2D and 3D animation features
  • OptQuest optimization by using well-known heuristics
  • Custom reporting on performance metrics and meaningful dashboards




1)       Improve the visibility of a system or change in a process

2)       Improve system performance by identifying bottlenecks

3)       Reduce operational costs and delivery times

4)       Reduce risk and uncertainty by evaluating process changes before implementation without interfering the current operations

5)       Ability to create custom designs based on specific needs


The principles of process simulation with Arena


  1. Definition of the task position

The key to any successful simulation project is the concrete definition of the tasks and goals. Once these are defined, the development follows a functional description to determine the simulation parameters of the tasks. This includes the specification of the input and output variables to be monitored and evaluated for the success of the possible solution.


 2.  Simulation of the process

After the task definition and functional description have been completed, the actual process model can be set up with Arena. With Arena's flowcharting methodology, any process can be easily and intuitively mapped without the need for programming skills and programming. Once the simulation model has been built and tested with up-to-date data, what-if scenarios can be quickly examined and evaluated.


  1. Implementation of results

The knowledge acquired through the simulation process is valuable only if you implement it in practice. The Arena simulation software gives you the certainty of making the right decisions before the start of the project or within ongoing processes in order to optimize projects and processes at any time.


  1. Continuous optimization

The optimization of business processes should be continuously promoted. In terms of competitiveness, successful companies and organizations review and improve processes on a regular basis. With Arena simulation software and the solutions that come with it, you can secure your competitive advantage and significantly reach higher performance levels.


Areas of application of Arena


Arena is universally applicable and serves worldwide as a decision support tool for technological, economic or social issues. Engineers and scientists use Arena to solve complex simulation tasks in industry as well as in the areas of human resources, logistics, transportation, military, health care or demographic development.

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The Arena software (for companies)

High quality products and flexible purchase options enable you to meet any business challenge, reduce costs and ultimately optimize your processes. Arena software simulation solutions provide a range of applications to meet the diverse needs of a project lifecycle.


Arena Standard Edition

The Arena Standard Edition is the powerful simulation tool that makes it easy for companies and engineers to simulate processes and processes. The process-oriented flowchart approach enables the easy-to-learn description of technological or business processes. The use of your company's resources will be significantly more effective and optimized.


Arena Professional Edition

The Arena Professional Edition contains all the features of the Standard Edition. The Professional Edition also allows the inclusion of real process data in the simulation. Key Benefit - Based on your company data, you can make quick and solid predictions about the impact of changing certain parameters on the ongoing process to have immediate impact. In addition, the Professional Edition has many opportunities to create custom templates and reusable models for similar processes.


With the Professional Edition, you also secure a special additional module for the simulation of processes with high processing speeds, such as those required in the packaging industry and in the production of food, medicines, chemicals and cosmetics. The application called "Packaging Template" considerably simplifies the simulation of these processes since process-specific simulation components (machines, sensors, etc.) are already available.


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Simulating or modeling a specific business process gives you the ability to analyze and make decisions on how to improve that process. Through business process modeling software, you can achieve results well before any financial repercussions arise from your decisions.