Under the ever-changing market situation and contemporary technologies, many traditional processes are no longer considered as effective. BPS Global has successfully assisted many clients of different industries to re-think their fundamental processes and provide radical changes of their business processes to achieve dramatic improvement in terms of cost, quality, and productivity.


As the first step, our experts would understand current process and identify potential critical BPR opportunities. We conduct detail market analysis looking for future-proof solutions. With our valuable experience and knowledge, as well as the application of industrial engineering methodologies such as lean, six sigma, value stream mapping, etc. to analyze the operations, we would provide the best practice solutions to suit our clients’ specific need with the re-engineered processes. Procedure, flowchart, and staff training would be provided for client’s staff to familiarize with, and then facilitate to future breakthrough.



1)       In-depth data analyses for accurate forecasting

2)       Market analysis for on-trend solution

3)       Customized designs to suit client’s specific need