The professional teams from BPS Global Group always insist to provide the complete services of design, execution and project management that address the specific requirements of our client’s project. In the planning stage of a project, the Group helps clients visualize the project’s future operation through advanced engineering simulation technology. Clients who commission the team of experienced project consultants and implementation specialists can therefore complete their projects with the most cost-effective approach.


Through communication with relevant project stakeholders, we strive to provide clients with comprehensive project management services such as design management, risk management and cost management etc. throughout the project life cycle. By defining performance targets, plan execution plan and oversee the efficient delivery with different responsible parties, we ensure client requirements are achieved in consistency with pre-set programme, completed on time, within budget and with quality.


Following are some of the services that we provide in project management:


  • Inspection and Survey
  • Planning and Merchandizing Services
  • Supervision for Construction Projects
  • Quality Management
  • Maintenance Service