BPS Global has the experience and dedication to support every aspect of maintaining and operating warehouse facilities and plants for many industries. We supply full suite of integrated services to manage the performance of software and system such as site supervision, operations support, everyday maintenance, preventive maintenance and system upgrade.


Corrective Maintenance


We constantly work with our clients to assess programs and develop strategies to maximize the value of their assets throughout their entire life cycles. Maintenance supervisors identify potential modifications to ensure that the system continues to operate as intended and produces quality data. Corrective maintenance activities for the system will be carried out to ensure that any previously undetected errors are fixed.


Preventive Maintenance


We believe that a scheduled and regular preventative maintenance program is a smart investment that pays big dividends by reducing overall maintenance costs, increases system uptime and improves productivity of your material handling system.


BPS Global can supplement the knowledge or workload of clients’ current maintenance department with our technicians to achieve cost-effective results. We are able to provide expert leadership for one specific system tune up, or a complete preventive maintenance solution for your entire system.


System Upgrade


In some cases modifications to the system and databases are needed to resolve errors or performance problems. We work closely with clients to monitor the programs and develop strategies to the equipment and system so that our clients can receive the full value of investment.